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B2B Payment & Card Issuance / Acquiring Solutions

Cross Border Payment Solutions & Card Acquiring

At New Age Partners, we proudly collaborate with a carefully curated panel of renowned global payments institutions. This strategic partnership guarantees that our clients gain access to an extensive and diverse acceptance and payout network.

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Our Services

The traditional system of moving money globally through banks is slow, inefficient, and costly. Moreover, it excludes many emerging markets, creating limited access to the global economy. At New Age Partners, we collaborate with partners who have developed a payment infrastructure connecting both developed and emerging markets. This collaboration empowers our clients to effortlessly conduct real-time cross-border payments, unlocking new market opportunities and fostering business growth. Say goodbye to barriers and embrace a seamless, efficient, and accessible global financial landscape.

Pay (Global Network)

Experience the convenience of making real-time cross-border transfers to bank accounts, mobile money accounts, or cash pick-up points in over 130 countries. Whether it’s remittances, mass payouts, or standard business payments, we have you covered.

  • Direct connections ensure higher transaction success rates, streamlined dispute resolution, and a frictionless payment experience.
  • Our partners continuously expand their network, adding new partners and payment methods to offer customizable solutions that scale with your business.
  • All solutions are fully optimized for local relevance and cater to the most popular payment methods in each country, including bank transfers, mobile wallets, and cash.

Accept (Pay-ins / Collections)

Effortlessly collect payments using over 285 alternative payment methods across 70+ countries. Request payments through a collection of alternative payment methods or access your own local account to collect from overseas customers.

  • Enjoy fast, efficient, compliant, and fraud-free cross-border collections.
  • Process payments in local currencies, eliminating conversion hassles.
  • Let our partners handle the complexities of cross-border collections, including country-specific regulations, reconciliation, ledger management, multi-vendor baskets, and more.

Partners We Work With

Geographical Coverage

Our expansive global network of local banks and payment methods ensure we have solutions to cater for most jurisdictions.



  • Tier 1 credit card processing.
  • Most popular domestic alternative payment systems.
  • Bank deposits. 
  • Mobile wallets
  • Cash pickup.


Available in most European countries.



  • Complete coverage of all the most popular local methods.
  • Local instant QR code payments
  • Local online & instant alternative payments and e-wallets
  • Local online bank transfers
  • Local cash payments
  • Local credit cards processing


Available in Japan, India, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and many more.

Africa & Middle East


  • Complete coverage of all the most popular local payment methods.
  • Local mobile money
  • Local instant EFTs (Electronic/Easy funds transfers)
  • Domestic standard bank transfers across African countries + GCC
  • Local e-wallets
  • Local credits cards
  • Local cash payments and voucher solutions


Available in Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana and many more.

South America


  • Complete coverage of all the most popular local methods.
  • Local e-wallets and online bank transfers
  • Local cash payments
  • Local credit cards processing


Available in Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Mexico, Peru and many more.

Clients We Work With

"Our experience with New Age has been great throughout."

Our experience with New Age has been great throughout. Expanding into new markets is historically a challenge due to diverse payment preferences within new markets. Jason not only connected us with local payment solutions but also facilitated partnerships that allowed us to access these markets efficiently. His expertise and network have enabled us to tap into under-banked markets.

"Thanks to their efforts, we've expanded into new markets."

New Age Partners understood our need for card acquiring and other APM’s and introduced us to partners that specialize in catering to higher risk businesses like ours. Thanks to their efforts, we've expanded into new markets.

"Working with New Age has been a game-changer for the business."

Working with New Age has been a game-changer for the business. Expanding into new markets often meant grappling with varying card acquiring regulations. Their team not only facilitated access to local card acquiring services but also ensured that we complied with regulations seamlessly. Their expertise in connecting us with the right card acquiring partners has enabled us to tap into previously untapped markets.

Speak to an Expert

Our team of knowledgeable consultants possesses a deep understanding of the payments landscape and the diverse solutions available to our clients in each specific jurisdiction. We take care of the research process so that you can focus on your business.


Have a question? See below some common questions we get asked by clients.

Alternative payment methods refer to non-traditional ways of making payments, such as e-wallets, mobile payments, cryptocurrencies, and other digital platforms. These methods provide convenient and secure options for customers to transact online or offline.

Alternative payment methods offer several benefits, including increased customer convenience, expanded global reach, reduced transaction costs, improved conversion rates, and enhanced customer trust and loyalty.

As payment consultants, we specialize in assisting businesses with the implementation and integration of alternative payment methods. We provide expert guidance on selecting the most suitable methods based on your target markets, industry, and customer preferences.

Global payouts capability refers to the ability to efficiently and securely send payments to individuals or businesses in different countries around the world. It enables streamlined cross-border transactions, allowing businesses to disburse funds to their global partners or customers.

Global acceptance refers to the ability of businesses to accept payments from customers worldwide, regardless of their location or preferred payment methods. It ensures that businesses can cater to diverse customer needs and capture sales opportunities in various markets.


What is a custodial account?

Banking services come in a range of types and sizes, and custodial accounts are a key service that you should have a good understanding of if you are taking charge of a minor or young person.

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