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Banking Services & Finance Solutions

At New Age Partners, we understand the importance of saving your time, money, and effort when it comes to finding the right solutions for your business. With our extensive global network of Banks, EMI's, Payment Gateways, and other financial institutions, we offer easy access to banking services, local payment collection options, and business finance solutions which help your business grow and expand internationally.

Our Services

Our consultancy service connects clients with the right partners, helping you navigate the everchanging landscape of financial services. See below our core service offering.

Alternative Banking

We have established partnerships with licensed E-Money Institutions and Banks, enabling us to offer a wide range of payment solutions to entities worldwide. Our services include client-named virtual/traditional IBANs, multi-currency collection accounts, and other payment provisions. Your business will receive an IBAN issued in its name, connected to Tier 1 banking infrastructure. This allows for seamless receipt and distribution of payments in over 40 different currencies.

Payment Solutions

Our extensive panel consists of over 80 Alternative Payment Methods and Payment Service Providers, ensuring that our clients have access to a diverse range of local payment solutions. This empowers businesses to expand into new territories, including historically underserviced regions such as Latin America, South East Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. Our solutions encompass local e-wallets, online bank transfers, credit card processing, and more.

Business Finance

Whether you need to unlock cash from outstanding invoices, secure funding for new equipment purchases, or raise capital for a development project, we possess the expertise to assist you. Our services cater to both startups and established international businesses. We specialize in sourcing invoice financing, asset financing, and property finance facilities across a wide range of industries.

Clients We Work With

"Our experience with New Age Partners has been exceptional."

Our experience with New Age Partners has been exceptional. As a Financial Director in the manufacturing industry, managing cash flow is crucial. They understood our unique needs and introduced us to the perfect invoice finance solution. Their expert guidance has not only improved our cash flow but also saved us valuable time. I highly recommend New Age to any business seeking similar cashflow facilities.

“New Age Partners stepped in and transformed our situation”

Our service business was facing cash flow challenges that were affecting day-to-day operations. New Age Partners stepped in and transformed our situation. Their team not only found us the best invoice finance options but also explained the process in a way that made it easy to understand. With their help, we're able to maintain a steady cash flow, ensuring uninterrupted service delivery.

"Partnering with New Age was a great decision for us"

As the Operations Director of a logistics company, I needed a financing solution that aligned with our dynamic business model. George understood our industry intricacies and introduced us to invoice finance options that perfectly fit our requirements. His commitment to finding the right solution saved us time and improved our bottom line. Partnering with New Age was a great decision for us.

"New Age Partners proved to be a reliable partner, guiding us through the intricacies of invoice finance"

Managing finances in the healthcare sector comes with its own set of challenges. New Age Partners proved to be a reliable partner, guiding us through the intricacies of invoice finance. Their extensive network and expertise ensured that we found a lender who aligned with our values and goals. With their assistance, we're now better equipped to provide quality healthcare services.

"I can't thank New Age enough for their invaluable assistance."

I can't thank New Age enough for their invaluable assistance. As a construction manager, staying updated with equipment is vital, but the costs can be daunting. Luke understood our needs and connected us with asset finance solutions that perfectly suited our projects. Their expertise has streamlined our equipment acquisitions, saving us time and helping us stay competitive in the industry.

Partners we work with

Speak to an Expert

All our consultants possess a comprehensive understanding of the market and the solutions available to our clients in each area. We do the research, so you don’t have to.


Have a question? See below some common questions we get asked by clients.

There are three main reasons to choose us: expertise, time-saving, and cost-effectiveness. Our team invests significant time in navigating the market, onboarding new partners, and staying up-to-date with market trends. This positions us to understand your requirements and provide a range of viable solutions. We save you time by managing the process of market research, discussions with providers, compliance questions, and negotiations. Additionally, our established relationships with partners allow us to ensure the best price for your business.

Save time – scouring the market, discussing with numerous providers, answering compliance questions and negotiating commercials is time consuming work. Our team will manage this process for you so you can concentrate on the day-to-day running of the business. 

Save money – our consultants are well equipped to discuss the most commercially viable route for your business. Moreover, we hold close and established relationships with all our partners and can therefore leverage this to ensure the best price for your business.

No, New Age Partners is an independent advisory firm and does not hold any regulation or licensing. We do not directly issue financial products or handle client funds. Instead, we introduce our clients to solutions from our panel of partners, all of which are FCA regulated (or equivalent) and hold an E-Money Institution license.

Our services are free. We do not charge clients for our time. Instead, we are remunerated by our partner if you choose to open an account or facility with them. We are remunerated in a similar manner by all partners, ensuring the impartiality of our services. This “no win, no fee” model incentivizes us to find long-term solutions that best suit our clients’ needs.

We have a rigorous onboarding process for new partners. This ensures that our panel consists only of reliable, trusted, and effective providers. All our partners are well-established and hold the necessary licensing for their product offerings and jurisdictions.

The process is simple. Fill in an enquiry form or book a call with one of our consultants. We will understand your requirements and then go to market on your behalf to find the right solution. We may provide introductions to one or several partners for you to progress discussions. Once you’ve decided on a provider, we work closely with them to negotiate terms and expedite the onboarding process.

Choose New Age Partners for an efficient and effective solution-finding process. Let us simplify your financial journey and help your business thrive.